Cordially Wellcome

in World-Wide-Web and in local community

This is the beginning and foundation of a philatelic community, where the negative impacts on coordination of locations and time-slots for organization and communication will be avoided by the consequent usage of all options being provided by the world-wide-web.

Everybody who is interested in any kind of “philatelistical affairs” should be found and included in this community without any impact on level of knowledge, preferred collecting areas, age, mobility or place of residence.

So, if you will not find enough persons with corresponding interests in a local community or if there is no existing (or just not known) open community in the internet, we like to invite you to join this international community for online philately.

All of us will be happy to assist – if this would be supportive – and take care of your wishes and requirements to ensure you will be happy having joined us.

Sincerly, yours collector friend:

Manfred Klimmeck