Impuls-Dialog – Drug-Prevention in Philately

Stamps are not telling stories about countries only, but also stories concerning problems within our society.
“Struggling with drug abuse” is one chapter of this.
We have realized, that many countries support struggling with drug abuse by submission of own stamps. So we have founded a community of motivated members and philatelists to work with these stamps in a creative way.
We a preparing a motive-collection concerning the topic “Drub-abuse”</strong>, to provide exhibitions at basic primary schools, Anti-drug-initiatives, communities, public institutions and other groups. Together with visitors, former dependent drug users, relatives and therapists we would like to discuss and inform about the problematic of these kinds of drug diseases.
Planned actions and targets
According our opinion information and formation of opinion belong to options for prevention to reach stability and improvement of the negative approach to drugs. To inform about drugs is one option to impact at an early phase. Young teenagers and their parents are the most important group to get in contact with. It is planned to start activities against alcohol, drugs and nicotine in schools to share knowledge and negative attitude to drugs.
We also visit schools and nurseries, to inform about drugs and related law.
Additionally we help to provide the opinion against drugs to all: these could be non-specified communities like youth-groups, pathfinders,communities for education, trade-unions and certain drug-political organizations.
To impact young people who are at the barrier to drug abuse, we are planning a close collaboration with schools, social services, local police departments and other institutions and organizations.
Our engagement aimed to achieve that everybody will be able to participate and join us struggling against drug abuse.
Why not via stamps?

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Drogen Vereinskonzept





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Alkohol und Verkehr

don’t drink and drive

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Unsere Historische- und Thematische Motivsammlung beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema “Drogenprävention in der Philatelie”, welches wir in vier Gruppen unterteilt haben und bearbeiten:
•Alkohol und Verkehr

Hierbei werden weltweit Briefmarken, philatelistische Exponate, Materialien und Belege zu den einzelnen Themebereichen zusammengetragen, unter anderem von:
•öffentliche Institutionen
•Werbestempel der unterschiedlichen Hilfsorganisationen
•Polizei, Zoll, Interpol
•kirchliche Institutionen
•Pharmazie / Pharmakologie
•Apotheken & Händler
•öffentliche Kampagnen gegen Drogenkonsum
•Betroffene berühmte Persönlichkeiten



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