Actual news

We are looking for further combatants to help us

all during this start-up phase

We are just at the beginning. Nearly all is open and can be discussed. So you will impact the total result. There is nothing more exiting than a start-up phase.Please give me a call or send an eMail!

Practicing community but without usual aspects of

live in an association ?

A lot of collector I got in contact with have already experiences with the “normal” the “classical” way of being in an association. Due to these expreiences just this way of community is refused by them. They are looking for alternatives.Thats the reason for me to decide to offe APhO as a service without costs for the users. Everybody is invited to check the functionalities and options and whether a participation will help to get in contact with other person with the same mindset.You are also invited to impact the results and strategic focus.Even this minimal-version will cost money (not only life-time), so you are “allowed” to donate too.Much more important to me is the creation of a “living organisation”, which will grow felexible and orientatied to wishes and options of the participants – just like the development of a baby.So I wish “happy childhood” to us all and the association we have built





next steps

during September several articles are
published in German newspaper to
make the basic idea public.
More than 500 collectors from a
XING-group were contacted by eMail.
According to the responds I hope
some will join us.
After fisnishing the basics on the
English website I try to find a foreign
group to contact these persons too